Kodak Cameo - Oceaan


Boiler Room, NYC


DJ Set, Boiler Room London

Teen Daze - Orange
I Dream In Azure 
by Vanessa Prestage
Quarterbar - Raspberry School
La Femme - Nous Étions Deux
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La FemmeNous Étions Deux

Tokyo Police Club - Argentina (Parts I, II, III)

Arcade Fire - Supersymmetry 


i know you’re living in my mind

it’s not the same as being alive

if telling the truth is not polite

then i guess we’ll have to fight 

i lived for a year, in a bed by the window

reading books, better than memories

wanna feel the seasons passing

wanna feel the spring

it’s been a while since i’ve been to see you

i don’t know where, but you’re not with me

heard a voice, like an echo,

but it came from me